A Trucker’s Story: Change Your Career, Change Your Life

February 17, 2021

Hear the Story of One Trucker’s Pivotal Career Move

What separates a career from a job?

Many things come to mind. Higher pay, better benefits, and more support are all at the top of the list.

But all these are elements of a greater condition. A career complements a person’s life, and empowers them to grow with confidence.

When a trucker takes to the road, they want to feel they’re a part of something bigger. But it’s more than just keeping the supply chain together – it’s finding the perfect work arrangement for you.

Meet Ramoundas Betrand. He made a career move to the trucking industry less than a year ago.

Now? His story and his journey are both in motion.

Getting on the Road Each Day, Having Already Made Progress

Many people wonder how to change your career focus – for Ramoundas, the path forward was shown by those around him.

“I have drivers and owner operators in my family, with their own companies. They told me about the difference trucking could make in your life if you go at it seriously.”

However, his first trip into trucking was down a rough road. Before Hermes, he spent about a month working for a different company.

But there was a problem – pay. While there’s plenty to love about a truck driving career, no one can be expected to live the lifestyle without fair compensation. Luckily, Ramoundas knew that a true career change to better his life didn’t just mean finding the right field. It meant finding the right company.

“We come into this to better our families and our position in life. Because trucking is a life changing career. I didn’t get that with the other company I was working for, so I ended up meeting someone who was working with Hermes at a truck stop.”

It wasn’t just Hermes’ great culture that prompted him to leave his old company and join us. He knew there was the opportunity for better pay, and he was ready to rise to that bigger responsibility that came with it.


“What stands out to me about Hermes is that they do pay more and way better than the other companies do.”

Ramoundas is someone who lives by a simple philosophy – when life blesses you, bless others. After hearing about the Hermes opportunity, he shared the news to another driver whose interview you can read – Jessica McCorkle.

What Motivates a Trucker Early in His Career?

With his journey on the road now in motion, what else motivates a new trucker like Ramoundas to succeed?

Motivation is easy when you’re thinking about the money and the way you’ve already moved up in the industry. But what about when the journey gets long, the conditions get rough, and the uncertainty creeps in?

Every trucker will experience this at some point. The basics are clear – slow it down, go by the book, and listen to dispatch. But Ramoundas’ confidence has grown based on his willingness to stick with the career change and prove to himself he could do it.

“I have to pat myself on the back for sticking with it. I’ve come to master it. I wasn’t too comfortable with docking, high winds, and mountain driving. Now, within the four months, I’ve experienced all that and more. I have learned how to handle my vehicle.”

Staying on the journey through all types of weather environments has helped him build up confidence in his truck and his skillset. But what about the job atmosphere itself?

Luckily, he gets the best of both worlds. When he’s at the office, there’s a family atmosphere where everyone can get together for coffee and conversation. But on the road? That’s where he gets to enjoy a major perk of the trucking industry.

“I love being on my own. I love the open road, and being my own boss. You pretty much don’t have to deal with anyone else. You call the shots, you make the decisions. The independence of it all is beautiful for me.”

He also praised the company’s on-call repair staff. While it’s nice to work alone, it’s also nice to know you’re never truly by yourself.

But how exactly does life on the road impact a person’s physical and mental health? For anyone who has considered a career move to trucking, uncertainty about wellbeing could be a deterrent. Ramoundas shows us that keeping your mind and body a priority is just as possible on the road as it as at home.

What About the Health Concerns of the Road?

When he isn’t rolling into new parts of the world and taking in new sights, this driver refuels his body the same way he refuels his truck – carefully, knowing both are machines he needs for the journey.

While he does go to restaurants, he avoids too much fast food. With his roomy, fully equipped truck, he has the space and means to get creative with his culinary choices.

“I love living in a truck. Mine is fully supplied, with a refrigerator and hot plate. I can cook my own food if I don’t go out to eat.”

Knowing hydration is key to concentration, he drinks plenty of water and also takes collagen. Exercise is another good habit that keeps him alert, focused, and ready to take on the day. Whether he’s doing a few hundred jumping jacks or squats, he makes taking care of his body a priority on the road.

Rest is another necessity, especially for someone who’s operating a truck. Luckily, the pilot program helps with this. If he’s ever running out of hours before his reset while transporting a load, Hermes arranges another employee who can be picked up to drive while Ramoundas is getting some rest.

Rest helps a driver stay mentally and physically healthy – but mental health is also impacted by our ability to see our loved ones. How does our trucker stay in touch with those who inspired his career move in the first place?

FaceTime and calls with his hands-free headset are both common. So is stopping on the road to mail gifts back home. While he can go home, he is incentivized to work as much as he can.

“Honestly, I can go home whenever I feel like it. But once you start seeing [paychecks] over $2,000 a week, you just don’t ever want to miss one.”

The money is nice, but it’s what it enables that means the most for our trucker. Each paycheck, each trip, and each moment represents a chance to build a happy life for himself and his loved ones.

Trucking is More Than a Paycheck – It’s a Career

When the load is dropped off, one journey is done. Between resting and preparing for the next, Ramoundas remembers how becoming a trucker for Hermes changed his life.

He admitted that when he was stuck in career limbo, it created a feeling of frustration – almost making him feel like less of a man.

Now he’s found more than a job. He’s found a career. The difference? The latter complements your life, and serves as the foundation for your future. Careers make us confident, and in turn, that confidence continues to fuel our career.

While he’s always been grateful to work, this opportunity has offered something special.

“I’ve always appreciated anything I’ve earned at previous jobs, whether it was working in a warehouse or washing cars. But trucking is a solid career, and has helped me better the life of my family.”

As for his advice to the reader who is considering how to change your career? Take it seriously, know it’s a learning experience, and strive to learn all you can.

If you’re someone who is considering a truck driving career, or if you’re already a part of the trucking industry but are exploring new companies, Hermes wants to hear from you! Our competitive pay, high-quality equipment, and supportive atmosphere provide great opportunities for truckers of all experience levels. Reach out today.

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