Truck Talk

We’ve all heard the old saying about journeys and destinations. Even if you know where you want to end up, it’s the trip there that leaves you with stories to tell.

Aside from driving their favorite stretch of road or stretching their schedule to make more stops, most truck drivers give little thought to the concept of stretching while on the road.

Truck drivers work hard – and when it comes time to enjoy a day off, it’s important to make the most of it. Here are some ideas of how to spend this time.

Are you a truck driver, or looking to become one? Knowing how to park is vital for a safe and successful career – here are some helpful trucker parking tips.

Already living life on the road? Here’s why RV fans can move comfortably into the world of trucking and turn their hobby into a profitable career.

What was the 2021 trucking industry like to work in? What about the state of the field in 2022? Learn about trucking’s past, present, and future here.

These truck drivers have learned a lot throughout their careers on the road, now they’re sharing the most valuable advice they have with our audience.

Mental health is critical for truck drivers. Here we discuss the top risks truck drivers face and some simple steps for maintaining a healthier mind.

Trucking movies bring the thrill of life on the road right into your living room. Enjoy the fun and frights of these classic flicks about the trucking industry.

These are the trucking questions that many people are hesitant to ask about – ready to find out answers to some of the field’s most popular inquiries and mysteries?

With more women in trucking as drivers and managers than ever before, how does this trend factor into the field’s long-term and short-term future?

How is specialized freight transported in the trucking industry? Here we cover the basics for moving large items, livestock, hazardous chemicals, and more.

Hermes believes drivers deserve the best equipment for the job. Here we explore our trucks and discuss how their design ties into our safety commitment.

Truck drivers struggling with boredom on the road, fear not – these podcasts and audiobooks offer industry insights, local history, entertainment, and more.

When you rely on the trucking industry, shipping rates are always important. Do you know how shipping prices work? Get your freight rate insights here.

The CDL training course is something every truck driver must complete before they can start their career on the road. What should you expect in a CDL course?

Road safety is a responsibility of all motorists. But especially for truckers and companies like Hermes that employ them, safety is an ongoing commitment.

There’s so much information out there about trucking, it can be hard to know what’s true. Here are some of the most common trucking industry myths – debunked.

When you make a living in the trucking industry, is it better to work for a company or start your own? Explore the pros and cons of owner-operator life.

Are you interested in getting started as a truck driver? Learn how to get going here, along with facts on why Hermes is different from other companies

No matter where we drive, we’re always sharing the road with mother nature. Everyone from the truck driver to your average commuter will encounter bad weather eventually.

Meet Ramoundas Betrand. He made a career move to the trucking industry less than a year ago. Now? His story and his journey are both in motion.

Meet our truck driver. Her name is Jessica McCorkle. Her relationship with trucking began as a simple interest, and soon transformed into a steady career.

Buckle up as we explore common compensation options in trucking, plus the ups and downs of each.

The trucking industry is fueled up and on schedule for an exciting 2021. Learn what to expect in tech upgrades, industry trends, and much more here.

Truck drivers don’t always have to live in the truck. But if the conditions are right, it can be a smart career move to consider. Here’s what to expect.

Shipping is an important element of a successful business and both small and large businesses alike are focusing more closely on fast, accurate shipping to stay abreast of competition.

The number of truck drivers in the United States is at an all-time high — and it just keeps growing. More than 3.5 million people are currently employed as truck drivers, and in the current economy, this is good news.