Truck Talk

No matter where we drive, we’re always sharing the road with mother nature. Everyone from the truck driver to your average commuter will encounter bad weather eventually.

Meet Ramoundas Betrand. He made a career move to the trucking industry less than a year ago. Now? His story and his journey are both in motion.

Meet our truck driver. Her name is Jessica McCorkle. Her relationship with trucking began as a simple interest, and soon transformed into a steady career.

Buckle up as we explore common compensation options in trucking, plus the ups and downs of each.

No matter the state of traffic congestion, public health, or the global economy, you can count on the trucking industry to be ready for the new year.

What’s a home? A house on the street, or a rig on the road? For the millions of truck drivers in the United States, the answer could be both.