Exploring the Anatomy of Hermes Commercial Trucks and Our Safety Commitment

Every day, Hermes truckers take to the road to deliver the goods our country needs.

While effective training, road experience, and personal dedication all play a factor in a trucker’s safe trip, the equipment is also massively important.

The right commercial truck can equip a driver to make any properly planned journey, regardless of the distance or conditions. It’s why our company invests in only the best vehicles for our drivers.

Our workers can keep their focus on the road because they know they don’t have to worry about their vehicle holding up. For a trucker, the truck is more than just a set of wheels – it’s a partner that you can put your trust in when trekking hundreds or thousands of miles away.

In this blog we’ll dive into the details of our commercial trucks and discuss how they tie into the road safety culture Hermes works so hard to maintain.

Deep Diving into the Volvo VNL 760

Drivers who work for Hermes will feel capable and confident taking to the road in their truck.

Why? Because we equip you with only the best.

The Volvo VNL 760 boasts a combination of high-end tech features which help with superior handling and safe maneuvering even when carrying full loads of cargo.

When you look at the diagram below, you’ll see a detailed layout of the anatomy under the hood and under the trailer.

Everything from the brake and transmission lines to the washer, heater, lumbar support, and air-intake hoses are designed for heavy-duty environments. Even those who have never hopped into the cab can imagine how a commercial truck’s journey differs from that of a passenger vehicle. As such, the parts must be built accordingly.

No matter how many miles you rack up and how warm the engine gets from all that work, your hoses and lines will hold up and keep the journey going safely. You’ll also notice there are specialized seals to help provide superior cabin control, keeping out drafts and preventing your indoor temperature from being impacted by the outdoor temperature.

Finally, you’ll see that we point out the fuel tank straps, bushings, mounts, and isolators – all of these are built for the heavy-duty environment of trucking. The strategic engineering helps the trucks maintain safe standards and remain durable even in the face of changing weather, storms, and passing years.

Each part is unique and built with detailed consideration, contributing to a cumulative result that’s safer for our drivers and everyone they share the roads with.

Don’t Forget the Cab – How it Impacts Life on the Road

Let’s take a look at what is arguably the most important part of the vehicle. It’s true that the trailer holds the cargo, and the engine rests under the hood – but it’s where the driver spends the most time that will have the greatest impact on their experience.

Our cabs are fully equipped to be livable, providing drivers with a safe place to rest, space to cook, storage for clothes and other personal items, and more. Not only does it make the location far more personal, but it saves drivers from having to find hotels and stay in areas they aren’t familiar with. The 70″ sleeper cab comes with an 81″x39″ mattress, which is the equivalent of a twin XL.

Need to stretch? You can do that easily. The interior height of the truck is 81.5″ (nearly seven feet) in the seat area and 100.2″ (over eight feet) at the rear of the sleeper. From door to door, the truck is 83.5” wide.

Volvo VNL 760 Specifications

Curious about the specifics of what’s under the hood? Our Volvo VNL 760s run on the following:


  • Volvo D13TC
    • 405-455 hp
    • 1750-1850 lb-ft
  • Volvo D13
    • 405-500 hp
    • 1450-1850 lb-ft
  • Volvo D11
    • 325-425 hp
    • 1250-1550 lb-ft
  • Cummins X15
    • 400-565 hp
    • 1450-1850 lb-ft.



  • Volvo I-Shift – 12 speed
  • Volvo I-Shift for Severe Duty – 12 speed
  • Volvo I-Shift with Crawler Gears – 13, 14 speed

3 Reasons Hermes Makes Truck Driver Safety a Priority

The trucking safety culture Hermes works to build is more than just words. It’s integrated into our equipment, our training, and the incentives we provide for our drivers.

We promote safe driving for a number of reasons, and it’s something we’re proud to do. Let’s explore the top three reasons why this matters so much to us and our drivers.

1 – Our Drivers Are Our Top Priority

Hermes knows that no company succeeds alone. It’s the collective effort of the workforce that powers results. Just like truckers help to keep the supply chain going, our truckers help to keep our company rated high and dependable for clients.

When we invest in quality commercial trucks like the Volvo VNL 760, we’re really investing in those who drive them. The trucks drivers use are arguably the top factor that contributes to their safety. It’s a small price to pay to protect our most precious resource, and it’s an investment that brings returns since our workforce is able to do their job more efficiently.

2 – The Psychological Impact of Safer Vehicles

Beyond just being able to do the job well, workers deserve something more – they deserve to feel appreciated. While the job of being on the road is a technical one, there’s also a known psychological impact on workers when they feel safer.

Workers who feel safe feel more valued. They’re also more likely to focus free of distraction, which makes it much easier to excel in and enjoy work. Hermes wants truckers to stick around and have long careers. When drivers feel they’re taken care of, they’re more likely to stay with a company.

The more familiar a driver gets with their truck based on the repeat trips they take, the safer they’ll be and the more comfortable they’ll feel. When a person has a truck that feels like “home,” they’ll be more likely to take to the road with confidence and let their training and experience guide them.

3 – Trucker Safety Impacts More Than Just Truckers

Hermes puts our truck drivers first because they’re the ones we’re in direct contact with. We can ensure they’re ready to travel and have everything they need. But once they hit the road, their performance impacts everyone they travel alongside.

Road safety impacts everyone equally. Just like the parts made for a commercial truck are more durable, the risk of a commercial truck on the road is much higher. Hermes wants to be a name passenger drivers feel comfortable around. It’s better for both our drivers and our clients who depend on us – which in turn helps us get more business and offer our drivers more work.

With better equipment, better training, and better safety incentives than many other companies, Hermes creates an environment that works to benefit all.

Do you want a trucking career where you feel valued, with the equipment to prove it? Our commitment to trucker safety is as evident in our bonus pay, ongoing training, and maintenance crew as it is in our Volvo VNL 760 trucks. If you could see yourself in one of these, or on the Hermes roster in general, we’d like to hear from you – click here to apply.

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