Benefits of a Lease-to-Own Truck Program

July 07, 2021

Some say owning a truck is what takes trucking from a job to a true career.

There’s nothing like making money in an environment where you’re comfortable – specifically, in a commercial truck you know well.

While truckers may see dozens of new areas during any given trip, they can always feel right at home in a truck they’ve gotten used to. While there’s already a sense of independence and autonomy associated with a career in the trucking industry, having your own truck makes it that much better.

Luckily, you don’t need a few grand in the bank or a massive loan to make it happen. All it takes is a lease-to-own truck program like the kind Hermes offers. With this, you can pay toward a truck monthly – and once that payment period is over, it’s your truck.

Here we’ll discuss the reasons why lease options can appeal to any truck driver, regardless of their income, experience, or career aspirations.

Drivers Get a Truck with a Monthly Payment Plan

Many different motivations draw people to trucking, but money is important for every driver. Drivers usually want to make money and save it, rather than spending it on equipment.

It’s why buying a truck can seem like a big commitment at first, and one that doesn’t make sense given the circumstances. If you’re working with a company that provides you with a truck, you don’t have to worry about coming up with the big bucks to buy one of your own.

But say you get on with a company that pays you well – you get plenty of miles, there are bonus opportunities, and you’re able to earn a comfortable living. At that point, buying a truck becomes more plausible, especially with a monthly payment option.

As you make manageable payments while making steady money, you no longer have to view buying a truck as a big cost. Instead, it’s a small and ongoing investment you make into your future.

This truth is why so many companies have moved to leasing and now call it superior to purchasing. Last year, about a third of fleets leased all or most of their heavy-duty units, up from approximately 20% the past two years. It’s not just good for drivers, it’s good for the industry.

Hermes Still Provides Maintenance and Repairs

Owning a commercial truck can feel empowering for any driver. Just like a trucking career helps people improve their life, truck ownership adds a sense of freedom to your career.

But freedom means responsibility. Even if you’re comfortable driving and checking over your rig, do you know it well enough to service and repair it if you had to?

Drivers can’t be expected to do it all alone. Being a driver is a big task – so no one wants to give up sleep or recreation time to moonlight as a mechanic. You could outsource the cost, but that represents another expense to manage.

Hermes knows that properly maintained trucks help our drivers and our company. Even if you own your truck or are in the process of owning it via a lease-to-own truck program, we’ll still provide the maintenance and repairs you need.

Whether we own the unit or not, when a driver is inside it and it’s on the road under the Hermes banner, we’re committed to making sure the rig is fully set for the trip. You can trust our talented team of specialists to get your commercial truck road ready.

Hermes Still Provides Support and Dispatch Services

Though truckers will talk about the freedom in heading off onto the road alone, trucking is truly a team industry.

Having the right dispatch service helps you get loads, which helps you enjoy everything from steady income to smoother trips. Many drivers worry that if they aren’t piloting a truck owned by a company, that company won’t invest their own time into offering dispatch services.

While we can’t speak for other companies, Hermes still offers dispatch services to our drivers. Our dispatch department speaks five languages, accommodating a diverse array of drivers and clients.

Even if it isn’t our truck, we’re still invested in helping all our drivers serve our clients, represent our company, and have the most successful trip possible each time.

With or without your own truck, as a Hermes driver, you’re still part of the team when you work with us. Whether it’s dispatch services on your trip or the friendly atmosphere here at the office, you can always count on support from our community.

Lease-to-Own Truck Programs Give You More Control

We’ve talked a lot about freedom, but what about control? While some say the two mean the same, we could draw one simple difference between them in this context.

The freedom a truck driver feels comes from getting to travel, and to escape the “traditional” work environment of the office, worksite, or store.

Control could describe the trajectory of your career. Which jobs do you take? Which do you turn down? What leverage do you have to make these decisions?

Having your own truck gives you more control over these calls. It’s your truck that you bought with your money – that means you have a greater claim in how it’s used.

This sense of control can help you build more confidence and self-worth, even if you’ve only been in the trucking industry a short time. Confidence and self-worth are proven to help you make better decisions and advance your career.

Just as you can build experience with every trip you take, you can build confidence each time you make a payment toward your very own truck.

Come Apply to Hermes and Our Lease-to-Own Truck Program

For anyone who wants a career in the trucking industry, there’s arguably no better investment in your future than owning a truck.

When you use a lease-to-own truck program, you gain ownership of your truck in comfortable payments while you’re earning a living. It’s a small price to pay for a big advancement in your trucking future.

Are you a truck driver or aspiring truck driver interested in Hermes? Our lease-to-own program gives drivers the chance to own a truck within just a few years of starting. Combined with the repair, servicing, and dispatch options we offer, it’s everything you need to succeed – click here to apply.

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