How Team Driving Helps Truck Drivers on the Road

July 07, 2021

Truck driving is sometimes associated with solitude, for better or worse.

The serene feeling of life alone on the road appeals to many people. It’s a life that’s peaceful and freeing when compared to busier and more bustling work environments.

However, sometimes the solitude can feel more like seclusion, and can be a little stifling. Team driving with a company like Hermes helps truck drivers find the perfect balance of a private work environment with a side of companionship.

For some drivers it’s a business decision, while others make it a personal choice. Have you ever considered hitting the road with someone close to you riding shotgun? Here are some of the benefits team driving offers truck drivers.

Team Driving Can Be More Efficient, More Profitable

The iconic sight of a truck rolling down a highway is a staple of the modern American economy. But when they’re driving solo, truckers can’t keep the wheels turning all the time.

Fatigue is a serious threat to trucker health. Drivers must rest regularly and recharge for the sake of their own wellbeing. For those willing to push on, the law prevents it for safety reasons.

However, finding the right place to rest isn’t always easy. There’s the matter of merging to make an exit at the right location, finding parking, getting ready to rest, and many other small but critical decisions in between.

Drivers can lose a lot of time, and feel a lot of stress from these decisions – especially since decision overload can exacerbate their fatigue.

Team driving gives truck drivers a huge advantage – the truck can always be in motion. This makes it easier to reach your destination efficiently. In this case, that means no time wasted worrying about stops, and no health concerns from pushing yourself while exhausted.

A more efficient approach to trip taking means you can take more of them. It’s a nice way to potentially increase your earnings in a given period.

Driving and Riding Together is a Smart Safety Tactic

Trucking’s a tough job, but someone has to do it. Many take pleasure in the job, but that doesn’t make them exempt from the safety concerns of the trucking industry.

Common truck driver hazards include road accidents caused by bad weather, dangerous traffic, or distracted driving. Don’t forget the health risks associated with the lifestyle.

Luckily, you can mitigate these dangers. You can learn to drive safer with the ongoing training Hermes offers, and stay healthy with the right tips. But there’s another risk – what about traveling alone?

While many drivers have no problems going solo on the road, others worry about stopping and especially sleeping with no one they know around.

Though exploring the world is a perk of trucking, it’s sometimes better to do it in pairs. Not only are you less likely to attract trouble, you have someone close by in case there’s a medical emergency or other situation that requires help.

Even when connected to the great community at Hermes, many drivers feel safer bringing someone else along in the truck with them.

Companionship on the Road Helps Mental Wellbeing

The benefits of team driving for trucker safety go beyond just physical. Sometimes having someone there to chat with or just to see daily can have a big impact on a driver’s mental state.

While many drivers will spend their breaks or rest period calling home, there’s no substitute for having a special someone on the road with you. Whether it’s working siblings or retired couples looking for some extra money, team driving opens the cab to close pairs of all types.

Loneliness can increase a person’s risk for anxiety, depression, and other health issues. Some would say loneliness could even exacerbate the physical health problems many drivers face, and also impact the industry’s struggle to keep drivers on.

When you have someone to chat with, you may be more likely to stay focused and maintain a positive attitude. Even just knowing someone else is around gives the entire atmosphere of truck driving a new feel.

Hermes wants to offer drivers careers rather than just jobs, and the wellness of our employees is our top priority. If companionship could help a driver feel more comfortable and more at ease on the road, it’s a win for everyone.

Team Driving Helps New Truckers Feel Comfortable

Finally, we shift gears from discussing trucker health and trucker safety to a more experience-based point.

Every driver has to start somewhere, and the newness of the industry can be a little intimidating. While there’s no substitute for experience to make those new-driver jitters stop, you don’t have to take to your new field alone.

Driving with someone else, preferably a more experienced truck driver, is a proven way to learn the field safely while building confidence in yourself. It’s perfect for drivers who are eager to get as much road time as possible, but may need some guidance in the early going.

Team driving benefits drivers who could use some help, and it’s also a big help for trucking companies. When companies can pair up newcomers with seasoned vets, they can mitigate safety and logistics concerns.

Seasoned professionals can help new drivers make the right decisions when faced with potential road hazards, trip delays, issues at drop off/pickup, and more.

Rather than making the decision for them, the more experienced driver can provide input and feedback for a newer driver to help steer them in the right direction.

Team Driving Offers Truck Drivers Many Benefits

Even for the traditional loner, team driving is appealing for many reasons.

The trucking industry is one where life can be tough, and workdays can be radically different from one another. Having a companion means you aren’t tasked with making decisions alone, you always have someone to call on, and you can keep your truck moving without sacrificing your safety.

It’s not something everyone needs, but in the right circumstances, team driving provides plenty of benefits that many truck drivers will appreciate.

Ready to get on the road with Hermes? We’re always looking for talented, dedicated drivers – and we’re open to teams, too! As a company that puts safety and worker wellbeing above all, we welcome the driving duos who prefer to tackle trips together. If you and your road companion are interested in applying, click here.

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