How to Spend Your Day Off as a Truck Driver

Even if you love being a truck driver, everyone needs time off. But how do you spend it?

Sometimes truckers spend so much time with the engine on and the wheels rolling, they forget the world keeps turning around them. Once you’ve put it in park for a few days, you’ve got the chance to experience that world with no one to answer to but you.

For anyone in the trucking industry, time off can mean a number of things. It can be a chance to catch up on the important tasks that we all need to do, some of which can easily be neglected when you make a living on the road.

It can also be a chance to focus your attention on traveling for the sake of recreation rather than work, or even taking part in activities that make you forget about work altogether for the time being.

Here’s how a truck driver may choose to spend their time off. 

Freshen Up and Make Yourself a Priority 

Anyone who has ever spent time in the trucking industry knows that routine maintenance is critical. But you spend so much time focused on the tire pressure, fluid levels, and engine performance of your equipment – how about focusing on yourself?

Being on the road all day means it’s easy to neglect some of the upkeep habits we all need. Days off are a chance to pamper yourself and get the treatment you deserve for all your hard work. Options include:

  • Haircut: Even if you don’t plan on being in front of a lot of people, it’s always nice to have a proper haircut. A trim and style can make you feel neater and fresher, which is proven to work wonders in improving your mental health.
  • Manicure: Don’t forget your nails. Even if you’re in a touch-freight position that sees you working with your hands, you’ll likely feel a little better when you look and see that your nail game is on point.
  • Massage: Last but certainly not least, massages can make you feel better after long days and weeks in the cab. They relieve stress and help you achieve a greater level of relaxation on your day off – one that will stick with you even when you return to the job.

These are just a few of the options you have for making your time off a time to treat yourself. You can also use your time off as a time to get a proper workout. Consider investing in a gym membership for a franchise with multiple locations, and look up membership options that allow you to visit any of their facilities no matter where you are.

Catch Up on Errands and Tasks

All that road time can leave you feeling backed up on the chores that everyone has to do no matter what industry they work in.

Even if you’ve got a lot of miles and money racked up for this pay period, you may be staring at an empty refrigerator or a full laundry bin. Time off is a perfect opportunity to go grocery shopping, do laundry, pay bills, send and read mail, and do any of the other number of tasks you may have been putting off because of work.

This is also a good chance to take part in social activities and pastimes that bring you joy. We should always remember that the things we love to do can function as a great stress reliever and a source of personal fulfillment.

Whether you want to video chat with loved ones, head to the local golf course to try your skill on the green, or binge your favorite TV series, your days off should be used for the activities that you feel passionately about. 

Time for a New Hobby?

If you don’t have any major hobbies to speak of, it’s never a bad time to pick one up. Your next day off could start another journey for you – a journey that doesn’t involve driving for money, but involves following passions that can leave you with a new feeling of excitement and new friends to share it with.

Consider joining one of the nation’s many bird watching chapters, becoming a casual or competitive card player, or even picking up a musical instrument. Maybe you could grab a sketchbook and dot down your memories from the road, or put on a headset and begin podcasting or vlogging your day to others.

There are many outlets you can use to release your steam from the road and put your mind on the finer things in life like nature, art, competition, and friends.

Stop and See the Sights You’ve Been Missing

Ever hear the old saying that says some people can’t see the forest for the trees? Sometimes this is the case for truckers on the road passing by dozens and even hundreds of exciting sights each day.

Admittedly, you don’t always have time to stop in and experience these attractions when you’re on the job. But once you’ve got some time to yourself, it’s the perfect opportunity to see the world and all it has to offer.

You can plan out your trip around some of the most exciting trucker attractions out there – the areas that have become famous in the trucking industry. Remember it doesn’t always have to be a massive museum or historic district that you choose to explore – sometimes it can simply be that fun-looking town or that nice restaurant that’s caught your eye recently.

Ground Yourself with Fun and Familiarity 

There’s only one rule to follow on a day off – separate yourself from work! A trucking career is rewarding and exciting, but at the end of the day (or the end of a shift) you deserve some downtime to relax, catch up on life, and explore all the sights and hobbies you’ve been thinking about all those days on the road.

Hermes believes truckers deserve to enjoy their time off as much as they enjoy their trucking career – it’s why we offer perks like flexible home time, plus paid vacations and holidays. Whether our drivers are on the road or off, we value their wellbeing. Click here to apply to be a part of the Hermes team.

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