The Best and Most Popular Trucking Routes That Drivers Should Experience

We’ve all heard the old saying about journeys and destinations. Even if you know where you want to end up, it’s the trip there that leaves you with stories to tell.

Truck drivers know all about this fact. There’s a lot to love about the field from its private and freeing nature to its high demand and job stability – but there’s arguably nothing better than the beauty of the open road.

While some would say that every route offers you something to see, there are some trucking routes that consistently rank high on the favorites lists of America’s freight workers.

Today we’ll discuss some of the most popular routes for truck drivers and why they’re so memorable.

What Are the Most Popular Trucking Routes?

Whether you’re looking for a scenic view or aiming to make your mark on the field by traveling where so many other truckers have, these are some of the most popular trucking routes in America.

While you may not be able to hit them all in your immediate route, we’ve picked a variety of options so you have plenty to choose from. Given that some drivers are native to some regions and some states are easier to drive in than others, it’s natural that drivers would be selective about their trips.

But if you are traveling as a trucker (or even a passenger driver), consider these iconic routes.

The California Coast

Some say the best routes are the ones that offer you a bit of everything. If you’re traveling in northern California around Highway 101 or Highway 1, you might just enjoy the most diverse set of beautiful sights a person could ask for. And if it’s your first time seeing it, prepare to be wowed.

The California coast offers a beautiful natural landscape that looks like it belongs in every iconic movie scene or postcard image from the West Coast. You’ll also enjoy the sights of the thriving city life and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It’s a set of sights so stunning you may just want to move to the Golden State permanently.

Seward Highway in Alaska

Not too far off from California is the beautiful landscape of Alaska. Seward Highway shows off this area in style and shows that even though Alaska is sometimes considered separate from the continental U.S., it’s still got some of the most impressive visuals for travelers to enjoy in the entire nation.

This highway can provide you with a view of some beautiful bodies of water around the Turnagain Arm of the Gulf of Alaska, Kenal Lake, and Resurrection Bay. You’re also likely to see wildlife in its natural habitat, plus some glimpses into the cities and communities of the surrounding areas. It’s a route that everyone should travel at least once, especially if they’re West Coast based.

Interstate 77 in West Virginia

John Denver said this state was almost Heaven, and it can certainly pass for paradise when you pass through the right parts. The iconic Interstate 77 will send truck drivers on a journey that proves why the Mountain State got its name.

The rolling hills look gorgeous in the spring and summer when they’re lush and green, but there’s nothing quite like seeing their diverse palette right when the fall season has taken hold. It’s a sight that can leave many truckers stunned, as there aren’t many places where miles of mountains roll out so majestically for the eye to see.

Interstate 70 in Utah and Colorado

While there’s nothing like seeing mountains full of trees and flora around on your trip as a truck driver, there’s something distinct about desert rock formations. I-70 passes through Utah and Colorado, giving travelers a taste of what this region of the country is all about. It’s also why this is one of the most popular trucking routes in the entire nation.

Drivers can enjoy a combination of mountains and desert with that iconic rocky and sandy look throughout. As expected, this area has also been popular for its various parks such as Arches National Park and Goblin Valley State Park, as well as the famous Glenwood Canyon.

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia and the Carolinas

Back to the East Coast and its lively mountainous terrain, you’ll find that this route encompasses the beauty of both the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Parks. The roads and massive bridges snaking through the tall mountains provide plenty of photo ops in the form of stunning scenic overlooks.

There’s also a chance that you’ll spot wildlife on your way through – and before you know it, your nature route will give way to the cityscapes that Virginia and the Carolinas are known for. The Blue Ridge Parkway region is another area that provides a little something for everyone.

Bozeman to Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky offers some big visuals, and your route along US-191 will take you to Yellowstone Park, a midpoint between Big Sky and Bozeman. This curvy road runs along the river, allowing you to split your sight between the rolling water and the rolling mountains around you.

This area is also popular for fishing and camping thanks to its scenery. It’s an ideal destination for those in the trucking industry to check out if they want to stop for some recreation and some time to be one with Mother Nature during their trucking journey.

There’s Nothing Like Seeing These Iconic Locations

Being in the trucking industry gives you a chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. It allows you to maintain the legacy of exploration and nomadic determination that so many people before you have embodied.

There are many reasons why truckers like traveling down the nation’s most popular trucking routes. Some even prefer to share their trips via social media or other digital platforms. If you’re looking to make memorable content, showing off the road’s most popular destinations is a sure way to get attention.

These areas can also get a person inspired to stay on the road and travel more often. Add in the fact that these areas are popular tourist destinations for passenger travelers as well, and traveling around these routes can be very profitable for some truck drivers.

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